Great CTO Available for Hire

I was talking yesterday to a very entrepreneurial CTO, who has run his own startup (which was acquired). He’s got another very interesting startup idea but is also open to working with an existing company.

I don’t get anything out of promoting him; I’m just doing a bit of a favor. Let me know if you’d like an introduction.


4 Responses to “Great CTO Available for Hire”

  1. Mark McCormack Says:

    CTO + CMO ….

  2. Sangeeta Narayan Says:


    Sure, I can talk with him. I Could you please make the intros. To decide if he wants to talk with me or not, he can view my background at the link provided above.


  3. Jeff Pester Says:

    Would love to talk to him Greg, Co-Founder opportunity. Please pass along my email address. Thanks.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    OK. Will do all the intros later today

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