Google Adds Navigation to Android 2.0

Here’s my long story on SEL and here’s the video demo from Google:

Some additional thoughts on Internet2Go.


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  1. Julian Bourne Says:

    That was an interesting response to the Google navigation on iPhone question.

    To some extent each incumbent GPS Navigation company is insulated, in the short term, according to whether they are mobile or PND. NIM and Telenav, as mobile GPS navigation solutions, are protected by their close relationships with carriers. Carriers, who continue to determine on-deck / white labeled services, may preserve non-Android OS phones as a compromise. Device OEMs may also seek alliances to offset the threat Android. NIM and Telenav also have a strong presence on feature phones as well as smart phones. Feature phones are tough for Google to convert. But over the next two years more feature phones will upgrade to smart phones and many to the cheaper Android platforms. Pressure, during a 1-2 year window, will breakdown the carrier / nav alliance forcing NIM and Telenav to undertake new product and business model innovation.

    Julian Bourne
    Prompt – GPS Calendar

  2. ian Says:

    price trumps quality…
    anybody out there with high-quality data looking to find customers, sorry–google’s proven that isn’t necessary. first victim: base map (commercial and open). next up: business listings. then parcel data, then… (keeping some of this for myself).

  3. T.Moore Says:

    After some research we bought a Garmin 205W but after using it a few times, it just didn’t meet all our needs. I did more research and found the 265WT on The 265WT has the lifetime traffic and bluetooth capability which the 205W does not- for the same price. IT ALSO DISPLAYS THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT, WHICH UPDATES AS SOON AS IT CHANGES (on a dime). We have used the 265WT for about a month and have traveled pretty far from home. It has saved us a lot of time and gas, which was a nice surprise. On another ocassion though, it did send us on a wild goose chase to an open field where a business was supposed to be located. I think the system was confused due to a very long street; which is 3 streets in one (W. FM 1960, E. FM 1960 and just plain FM 1960 without a direction in front of the street name). Another great feature that I think most models have is phone numbers to businesses are displayed, so you can call with any questions about their locations and hours, etc.

    We suggest the 265WT which is a loaded GPS, as a “Best Buy”.

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