Relaunches Site

Yellow Pages Group has relaunched the site:

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From the release out this morning:

The new features a cleaner overall design with simplified search criteria and highly intuitive auto-fill functionality that suggests up-to ten locations in the ‘Where’ box to make searching for local businesses and service providers effortless . . .

In addition to boosting the site’s overall presentation and functionality, enhancements have been made to refine the relevancy of returned search results and improve the interactivity of maps. As a result, users can search for information by neighbourhood, small city of even local landmark with fewer clicks and more flexibility.

I don’t have time at the moment to do a thorough evaluation of the site but let me know your thoughts if you’re inclined to take a look. is still the 800 lb gorilla in the market but it increasingly competes with Google, Canpages and Yelp.

10 Responses to “ Relaunches Site”

  1. Mike Philips Says:

    The new re-design reminds me of

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    But how are the results?

    • Mike Philips Says:

      But you can’t also ignore the fact that the new design is very similiar to – an almost replica of the page layout.

      I don’t mind the new design, I think it is better, BUT had an opportunity to make it unique – make it stand out – and what they have done is just copy another local search competitor in

      Can’t deny that,

  3. Mike Philips Says:


    I don’t see a difference in my search results – from previous usage of the site. In fact I thought it was a ccomplete GUI change only. How do you find the search results? I hate how I have to scroll the page to find the new search box.

    My biggest issue with search is that when I search for a particular category in my city – I get results for outside my city – for business up to 80 kms away. That isn’t great results, I could input the same fields into google and get way better targeted results.

    What do you think?


  4. Greg Sterling Says:


    The non-local results may be advertising driven. But you’re saying algo is outside your area? If so, that’s not a good user experience.

  5. Darby Sieben Says:

    Mike – if you don’t mind sending me the query that you performed where you are seeing out of market results (darby.sieben ((( @ ))), we have taken many steps to ensure this is not the case. I would like to understand the specific queries to investigate.

    Greg – the biggest difference with this platform is the focus on sub-city geo, we have dramatically expanded our DB to ensure accuracy from a user perspective as well as streamline the pages from a presentation perspective. There were many things done behind the scenes as an enabler to many other initiatives.

    I just posted yesterday on my blog, – 15 interesting local searches from our log files. Shows some interesting searches done since we launched this new platform.

  6. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Darby for the explanation.

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