Online Newspapers Benefitting from Local Ads

The NY Times features a lengthy article on how newspapers may not equally benefit as online display advertising returns to health:

When Mercedes advertises its more basic models next year, it will largely avoid newspaper Web sites and rely on networks. That lets Mercedes “be very targeted and efficient with our dollars,” said Beth Lange, digital media specialist for Mercedes-Benz USA.

But that also explains why newspaper sites are not holding on to ad dollars, even while overall Internet advertising is creeping back. Newspaper sites are the patent-leather stilettos of the online world: they get used for special occasions, but other shoes get much more daily wear.

Yet local may be the strategic differentiator for newspapers that defies this prediction:

At McClatchy, while classified advertising also declined, revenue from online display ads rose. Retail ads rose 58 percent, to $17.7 million, and national ads from marketers like Staples and Wal-Mart rose 36 percent, to $5.4 million. Christian A. Hendricks, vice president of interactive media at McClatchy, attributed the rise to the company’s focus on online-only ads and its selling of local ads, rather than national brand campaigns.

“There’s so much inventory,” or places to put ads, “at the national level, and so fewer advertisers compared to the local marketplace,” Mr. Hendricks said.

(Emphasis added.)

Local thus continues to be a premium product, in both display and search.


Related: 40% of US Internet users visit online newspaper sites (per Nielsen/NAA). Medipost has the story.

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  1. miten sampat Says:

    for most of the local dollars to move from print to online (to the benefit of the newspapers) is going to take a local agency ecosystem.

    whats missing is an agency that focuses on local – from making it easy for small advertisers (who at the moment only spend on search) to spend across mediums, and provide the full value chain (creative, pre & post campaign campaign).

    a DIY toolset to make your own ads, good analytics, and a VERY EASY to use interface.

  2. When It Comes to "Thank You," You're Not Welcome With Email … | Key Concepts Marketing Wisdom Says:

    […] Online Newspapers Benefitting from Local Ads « Screenwerk […]

  3. Newspaper SEO Says:

    Newspapers can benefit from boosting local online traffic with better visibility in the organic search results, increasing page impressions and potential ad revenue.

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