Apple Tablet Frenzy

Picture 53Kindle . . . Nook . . . Apple (Slate/iTablet/iPad). The worst kept tech product secret is the all-but-certainly forthcoming Apple tablet device.

The rumor and hype machines are working overtime this morning after NY Times editor Bill Keller apparently confirmed the “impending” existence of the device. According to multiple sources and (video) he casually uses the phrase “impending Apple slate” (at 8:30) as part of a list of mobile devices that the NYT needs to work with.

While he could simply be repeating rumors, he’s not. Engadget has some additional information that purports to confirm the device. No doubt it will be the iPhone of tablets, outstripping the Kindle and others in terms of features; however the price may keep people away.

The 64G iPod Touch is $399. So you know any tablet will cost more so as not to cannibalize that device. That means it’s going to be more than $500 in all likelihood. (Carrier subsidies may lower the price.) Kindle and Nook are $259. The ideal mass-market tablet price point is $199 or less.

Here is a fun slide show from Business Insider featuring design mockups of the still hypothetical Cupertino tablet (Image credit above Gizmodo). In particular check this one out, because it is likely to be a use case:


The ability to use the device as a PC/laptop would potentially justify the higher price point as well.


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And . . . consumer electronics site Retrevo asked people how much they’d be willing to pay for the Apple Tablet (assuming it’s coming):

Picture 7

7 Responses to “Apple Tablet Frenzy”

  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    I love how Apple is driving innovation in the smart phone and PC markets — forcing everyone to up their game. We win.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


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  5. Grovenstien Says:

    If apple release a tablet that is runnig on the ARM chip then it will be seriously underpowered. Apple need to go down the route of tablet PC not the Newton.

    Also it needs to be stylus friendly not fat sausage friendly. It needs to run more than one ap at a time and allow for copy and pasting between applications. Somthing akin to the cintiq would float my boat

    Better it runs as a combination of cocoa and cocoa touch otherwise in my mind it will be an epic fail!

    Oh how i wish apple hadnt abbandoned us loyal design minded people in favour of the rif raf!

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  7. hanum Says:

    really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

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