Is This MSFT Mobile Ad Effective?

The following is a Microsoft add that’s intended to promote the Windows (apps) Marketplace (via IntoMobile). The ad uses humor to poke fun at silly apps, suggesting that those in the Windows Markeplace aren’t silly.

Do you think it’s effective?

Is the objective to alert people to the fact of Windows Marketplace’s existence, to make fun of the iPhone, both? And who is the target audience: existing Windows Mobile users, those planning to upgrade to a smartphone?

I think the add is mildly amusing but I don’t find it effective.


2 Responses to “Is This MSFT Mobile Ad Effective?”

  1. Buck Says:

    I think this is directed at Developers…. Microsoft is looking for developers to add to the new app store.

    If you look at the You Tube page it comes from, all the videos are for developers… WindowsMobileDev

    Not consumers…. yet.

    I think effective for what it is meant for

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