RetailMeNot-Harris Coupon Data

Picture 71Last month RetailMeNot released the results of a coupon-related survey conducted by Harris Interactive (n=”2,175 adults ages 18+, 1,880 whom are online shoppers”). Here are some of the findings (going to demographics and consumer attitudes):

  • To save money, 62% of online adults look for coupons for online stores, and 12% never make a purchase without checking an online coupon website first, a notable jump from 8% last year.
  • The largest age group to use coupon websites is 35-44, with 41% of these online adults who use tools or websites to find good deals when shopping online, including 47% of these women and 34% of these men, using coupon websites
  • 29% of college graduates use coupon websites to find good deals, compared to 24% of those with some college and 20% of those with an education level of high school or less; in 2008, these numbers were 23%, 20% and 20% respectively
  • 27% of online adults that work full time or are self-employed use coupon websites (up from 22%); 22% of online adults that are unemployed use coupon websites (up from 18%); 25% of students use coupon websites (up from 23%); 18% of retired online adults use coupon websites (up from 14%)
  • 30% of online adults will not make a purchase at an online store if they can’t find a coupon for that store, up from 27% in 2008
  • 22% of online adults will go to a different store to make that purchase, up from 20% in 2008, while 8% will wait until a coupon is available to make the purchase (same in 2008)

Lots of data that basically say consumers want to save money and are interested in coupons. There’s no question about consumer interest. The questions and issues now surround coupon inventory and availability, gaining small business participation and consumer distribution (including mobile). Local coupons are also harder to do well than online for several reasons.

Recently Ask and TheFind launched coupon and deals-related initiatives.


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  2. sheila Says:

    Those are some nice statistics about online coupon use. I would say that the numbers feel just about right. I think people are really getting into the habit of checking the internet as a way to save money. My friends and neighbors, for example, have been doing it for some time,
    shopping online at places like It’s amazing to find so many stores on one site, get great deals, free shipping and cash back rewards.

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