RedBeacon Formally Launches in SF Bay

RedBeacon, “OpenTable for local services,” which won the TechCrunch50 top prize, has formally launched in the SF Bay Area.

Picture 6

Check out the video in the lower right of the homepage.

I’ve got to get a gate built (for real) so I’m going to try it out and see what happens. I’ll report back on my experience.


3 Responses to “RedBeacon Formally Launches in SF Bay”

  1. Rodrigo Landerdahl Says:

    Greg, I really can’t see this website going forward. It’s all very novel until you check, which has been around for ages in the UK.
    First, Redbeacon doesn’t publish business listings (like MyBuilder does) to leverage search engine traffic (less than 500 pages indexed on Google), which means they will have to acquire most of their traffic through SEM or traditional media, since their brand is virtually unknown.

    Second, it’s too broad. They are targeting every vertical under the sun, unlike MyBuilder.

    Third, web-only transactions. People are used to the phone and you can’t simply ignore it. Why not implement some form of conferencing, like Yext, where the client’s phone number is private?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes, I agree that the phone will have to make it “into the mix” at some point.

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