Is the Yahoo! Campaign Working?

I’ve been seeing the “It’s Y!ou” Yahoo! brand campaign everywhere, in the real world and online. Certainly it will help raise awareness of Yahoo! but do you think it’s doing anything concrete for the company?

I’m curious . . .What do you think?

2 Responses to “Is the Yahoo! Campaign Working?”

  1. David Spark Says:

    I asked this very question on TWiT on Sunday. I have absolutely no idea what Yahoo! is trying to do with this campaign. It looks as if they’re trying to be like AOL was in the early days going after the lowest common denominator of Web users.

    It is a colossal waste of money and it will probably make a top ten list of dumbest ad campaigns. Maybe that’s what they’re trying to do. Be so insipid that they’ll make a bunch of 10 worst lists.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    They said on the Y earnings call that this was as much about their own “internal” sense of identity as the larger world. Also they said they would continue to spend on brand and product advertising going forward.

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