Facebook and Bing: What’s Up?

My long-standing belief is that there’s a major opportunity for both Facebook and Microsoft in making Web search better on FB. Site search has recently gotten better on the social network but many people don’t even realize that Facebook offers Web search. I do notice that FB seems to be “federating” search results on a single page. For example, here’s the experience for the query sushi, san francisco” (my alternative to pizza):

Picture 10

The three results at the bottom are Web results. You can click through to “all Web results”:

Picture 11

At the top of the page above is “Find more Web results on Bing.com,” which then leads to this:

Picture 12

I suppose that the agreement between Microsoft and Facebook, pursuant to Redmond’s investment, probably gives Facebook total control over the “look and feel” of the presentation of results. That’s also true of the Yahoo!-Microsoft deal so it would make sense. Yet the Bing results are much more compelling than the FB presentation of them. If FB could integrate some of the Bing experience into its own look and feel it would probably see search volumes (and paid clicks) go up. Promoting the fact of Web search on FB wouldn’t hurt either. My guess, however, is that there’s some ambivalence at FB about promoting Bing on the site.

What about you? What might cause you to start using FB for Web search (if anything)?


3 Responses to “Facebook and Bing: What’s Up?”

  1. Thomas Lund Says:

    If the agreement includes data exchange both ways I think Bing has a huge potential to target consumers, you literally know almost everything you need to know about the user.

    Personally I would never use Facebook for web search, I rarely search at all on Facebook as I’m fortunate enough to actually know the name of all my friends.

    In terms of search and local I find the idea of Facebook becoming more and more a application (especially on mobile devices) and not just a web site very interesting. That _might_ trigger a web search on Facebook.

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