ShopCity Staunchly Focused on Mom & Pops

A new site or network of sites, ShopCity, aims to be a comprehensive platform for consumers and businesses at the local-local level, but on a potentially global basis. The Canada-based site quietly launched over the weekend: 

Picture 82

While the above image reflects the global front door the company is more focused on building out hundreds and hundreds of independent local destinations, such as or ShopCorona:

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There’s a broad suite of tools and marketing services for local businesses available through the site, but they don’t involve distribution to third party sites or networks for the time being. 

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I spoke last week with Colin Pape, one of the founders of ShopCity. Though the site and the platform is polished, the question arises: “how will you compete with more familiar local online brands and get traffic?” He said that they’ll get traffic through SEO but also through outreach and partnerships with local organizations and cited some examples of those relationships in different markets. He added that the local stores and shops will promote their profiles and offerings on the site. 

As part of its pitch to local businesses, ShopCity does not accept ads from franchises or national-local businesses; it’s all about the “mom and pop” and independents (though sometimes moms and pops operate franchises; think Hallmark, Hardware stores). This “political” or policy stance will help create an identity in the market and win ShopCity some adherents among consumers and gratitude among local businesses.

This sort of strategy has been tried in the past — HelloMetro immediately comes to mind — without huge success, but ShopCity is being smart by taking a “political” position on behalf of local businesses and may generate a lot of good will as a result.


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  1. Colin Pape - Says:

    Thanks for the review Greg!

    I just wanted to note that our SEO strategy is largely tied to a custom taxonomy we developed and applied to a business database that was purchased from Ahmed at

    There are currently > 7,500 unique domains and almost 13 million businesses in the network from more than 20,000 cities…

    Our model is primarily developed around local partners including municipalities, chambers of commerce, web developers and media companies.

    We are looking for partners in the SEM space and people who’d like to resell our service locally. If any of your readers are interested, they can send an email to for more information.

    Thanks again!


  2. Jay Says:

    This is an interesting article and an interesting idea. I will be curious to see how the company and its platform develop in the coming months.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes . . . we’ll see.

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