Localeze Parent, Telmetrics Offer Cross-Platform Call Tracking

Picture 79Localeze Parent TargusInfo and call tracking firm Telmetrics have announced a cross-platform ad tracking partnership targeting national advertisers. According to the release:

The combined service provides national marketers with better visibility into advertising performance by identifying and measuring phone leads generated by their direct-response campaigns and routing those calls to the most appropriate call center or branch location to maximize conversions . . .

Telmetrics tracks and measures consumer response to any direct-response broadcast, online or print campaign that features a call-to-action with a phone number. The addition of TARGUSinfo’s On-Demand Location services routes those customer calls via a unique toll-free 800 or local number to the most appropriate local branch, franchise or call center.

Call tracking has always been capable of doing this sort cross-media attribution. But at the recent SMX East event there was a discussion about the absence of such solutions except at the high end of the market. Call-tracking like this is a way to capture the relative performance of the various media in a campaign.

Questions have been raised about the potential SEO impact of phone number substitution on core business data. I’m hoping to get Telmetrics’ Bill Dinan to speak to those issues in a Q&A interview soon.


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