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Picture 25This morning Chris Silver Smith spins out a more elaborate discussion of a topic he presented at SMX East: how to use Google MyMaps for local SEO:

There are all sorts of useful custom maps that one could provide about local areas. Companies which develop value-add information maps about local areas could easily reap the benefit of having more content within Google Maps which can convert to more traffic to their websites. Some examples I’ve seen include a blog about coffee which pinpointed independent coffee shops of Denver, a map of local tourist destinations at Catalina Island, and maps for Silicon Valley cafes provided by Mapplr.

This is a relatively advanced tactic I believe . . .

Next up is different issue but also in a way about UGC on Maps: Mike Blumethal writes about Google’s apparent decision to stop using TeleAtlas data in the US. I’ve also “riffed” on Mike’s post at SEL:

Many people complained or warned at the time of the switch from NAVTEQ to TeleAtlas that the latter’s data in the US was poor by comparison. TeleAtlas has always been viewed as being stronger in Europe. Google may have agreed and so is still using the company apparently outside the US. Mike cites a statement from TeleAtlas that seems to confirm the company is no longer working with Google in the US:

“Tele Atlas confirms that Google has decided to stop using Tele Atlas map data for the U.S. Google will now use its own map data. Our relationship with Google for map coverage continues outside of the U.S. in dozens of geographies.”

And of course there’s been a ton of writing about Local Listing Ads, which are now live in San Diego and San Francisco. Mike B. does a nice roundup of the writing here.

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