Local Listing Ads and 7-Pack Live

The 10-Pack is apparently being replaced by a listing of 7 local businesses (the “7-Pack”) instead to make way for the new Local Listings Ads. Mike Blumenthal was first to notice this. Place Pages are being used as landing pages. This is what I just saw for the query, “dentist san francisco.”

Picture 9

The blue pushpins denote Local Listings Ads. San Francisco is one of two cities in which Google is testing this program. The other is San Diego. When you click on one of the ads Place Pages appear:

Picture 10

Note in the top screengrab that Dr. Loev is also an AdWords advertiser and does have a website. However, Google is sending the traffic to Place Pages in this case (wonder if Dr. Loev made that decision or Google). It may also be that Google is simply testing this without Dr. Loev’s knowledge and not charging him. That’s also a possibility.

With automated ad creation and Place Pages it can do that all day long. In addition to testing the waters with advertisers, Google is looking to see how consumer-users respond to these new ad units.


Update: I’m finding it irregularly. Not all ads click through to Place Pages. Some are going to SMB sites.


16 Responses to “Local Listing Ads and 7-Pack Live”

  1. Tom Crandall Says:

    I think the AdWords ads above the Local Listing Ads is a bad idea–it appears cluttered and they dilute the Local Listing Ads. With that said, I still think AdWords ads are appropriate for the Sponsored Listings section on the right sidebar.

  2. Mike Says:

    Still like the way it looks different.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


    I agree that the appearance is awkward

  4. Jim Rudnick Says:

    noticed exactly that same “variance” Greg….wonder why? plus up here in g.ca land, so far the 7-pack is only slightly being used (least as far as we’ve tested) and NO place pages drill-downs as yet either….

    thanks for this too! good to know!


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  6. Taylor Cimala Says:

    You can choose to use a place page or your website when you set up the ad, it’s not Google determining that. I would definitely test both options though!

    This also answers the question that I posed on my blog about the sponsored results. It’s surprising to me that Google is showing more sponsored results on the paid place pages for those advertisers.

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  8. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    So I clicked on the “dentist san francisco” link and Google ads filled at least 3/4 of my screen. I wonder how Google would score it for landing page quality…

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  15. Teeth Whitening New York Says:

    Personally I liked google prior to the “10 packs” introduction, it’s really crowded a once flawless search engine.

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