Bringing Real-Time Images to Google Earth/Maps

From FastCompany/Gizmodo: Here’s is an experimental approach to adding real-time information (“dynamic visualization”) to Google Earth. Watch the video; it shows traffic, sporting events and even individual movements based on the placement of cameras in and around the represented areas:

This isn’t the only effort to marry video and Google Earth. On one level this is “cool” and potentially very useful and one can imagine many applications and use cases, especially as Internet content and applications such as Google Earth move to TV screens. For example, watching live sporting events via Google Earth rather than on cable TV, or checking traffic on the commute in the morning. But there are obvious privacy and surveillance concerns.

All the Hollywood dystopian visions come to mind: Blade Runner, Terminator, Enemy of the State and so on.


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  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Is this five to ten years out?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    probably less

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