Peets Pushing Coupon via Twitter

Peet’s coffee is pushing a coupon via Twitter:

Picture 15

Picture 14

Not new or unique but it’s a perfect promotion: See the tweet, print and present the coupon, closed loop. Only issue: people who access on a mobile handset. You can’t print the coupon, will they honor it?


8 Responses to “Peets Pushing Coupon via Twitter”

  1. Dorfius Rex Says:

    Not sure printing page and handing it to a cashier is worth a buck. My pride is worth more than that.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    But if you could just show your phone you’d probably do it, right?

  3. Mike Orren Says:

    Printing is SO 2007.

    Starbucks did this and wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of showing my phone coupon. The store by us just gave everyone the deal (free pastry) whether they knew about it or not.

  4. Andrew Says:

    The glory in tweeting a coupon like this is the re-tweet effect. In terms of following a business on twitter, I wouldn’t want the massive amounts of useless (to me) tweets for a seldom offered buck.

  5. Dave Hucker Says:

    why not just put a barcode on it. There are plenty of companies that are able to allow you to redeem them with a barcode or redeem via reply on Twitter…. or text message

  6. Nina Says:

    Jamba Juice honored my coupon off an email on my device after some hesitation, but they did give me a “but next time…”

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    They should just honor the mobile coupons. It worked obviously.

  8. Todd Leiser Says:

    There in lies the real art of couponing. Let’s say I went in for a $2 coffee of the day and a $2 pastry, One Dollar = 25% off. Which sounds better?

    Even if it was a $5 transaction, its 20% off. Sounds bigger than a buck!

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