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I wrote about Google Wave at SEL this morning and more extensively earlier in the month. Today Google invited about 100K new users into Wave. That was the basic news. The bigger news in my opinion is the launch of what amounts to a developer “app store,” being called Wave extensions:

Picture 184

When you first encounter Wave it’s not entirely clear what the heck it is. It looks like email, but then there’s the real-time IM aspect. And then one gets the sense that much more could go on here. That’s what these extensions very concretely illustrate. Ribbit is providing a conference calling function; 6 rounds is doing video chat through Wave.

But also check out Lonely Planet’s travel planning collaboration tool Trippy:

Along the same lines there’s collaborative map creation in the Google Maps Wave widget:

These and other (B2B, B2C, C2C) extensions to come will be what really “sell” Wave to the public. Beyond the phrases “collaboration” and “real time,” these extensions help to answer the “why question” — as in why should we use it.


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  1. Dave Hucker Says:

    still waiting for my wave….

  2. Raul Raja Says:

    Cool extensions indeed, we see a lot of potential in all kinds of wave apps.
    Just released our amazon product browser in case anyone is interested in checking it out and provide with feedback at

  3. Cory Howell Says:

    Desperately waiting to get an invite… I assume they’ll be waiting until Sept. 30th on the West Coast (meaning midnight or later here in PHX).

    Extensions feature looks great & much appreciated. Most of the reactions on the web have been about the application itself, but not so much on the “added” features that the extensions will provide.

    Thanks for the details.

  4. Natasha Says:

    Hey Greg, if you have a wavesandbox account I’d love to make a wave and show you 6rounds.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    I do have one Natasha. Just connect with me. I think my user name is greg.sterling

  6. Avery Otto Says:

    We believe that it’s the Wave extensions, they call them robots, that make Google Wave really exciting for developers. Right now your robot can be written in python or java and must live inside the Google app engine. Check out for more details about writing Google Wave robots.

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  9. Jack Lail Says:

    It’s funny Google docs doesn’t seem deeply integrated in Wave yet. Or am I missing something?

  10. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s still early for Google apps integration.

  11. Raul Says:

    In case anybody is interested…
    Just released new functionality for the google wave AmazonBot bot and gadget. You can search for products in departments.

  12. Raul Says:

    We just released the WithWaves AmazonMP3Bot – a Google Wave robot and gadget – which enables social mp3 music research and shopping on The AmazonMP3Bot gadget and bot can detect audio products and return inline links based on a Wave conversation or keyword query autodetecting artist name, song title, or album.

    Check out videos and info at with waves

  13. Chris Beaman Says:

    They’re both pretty cool, Raul, although in each case whenever I begin typing a search query my cursor then jumps down to the text area of the wave. Still, fun to try out.

    • Raul Says:

      I’ll take a look at it, I have seen this behavior before.

      One of the most challenging things developing with wave is the fact that your gadgets get init callbacks from the wave client and I can tell they’re still buggy since different browsers invoke some callbacks in different order as well as some of them seem to load the javascript dependencies in different order too.

      For a while we had to place timers since the init method from our gadget was being invoked before the the wave object was actually ready.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

  14. Tom Says:

    I’ll be raffling off my Google wave invitations as soon as I have enough people follow my instructions on my website. You can got to Right now I have 24 invites to raffle off.


  15. matrix Says:

    i love google maps essential wave extensions and one of the best .

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