July’s IB Local Index: TV vs. Newspapers

Internet Broadcasting released its IB Local Index for July. The index mostly compares the reach of local TV and newspaper sites — local content sites. It doesn’t look at maps, verticals, IYP or review sites. But here’s the latest ranking of leading local sites and their markets:

Picture 47

(A larger version of the chart is available on the IB post.)

One of the “takeaways” from this list is: “Only 3 sites have achieved in-market reach of at least 25%. Interestingly, these are all TV stations: KSL, WGAL and WRAL.” These stations operate in secondary markets: Salt Lake City, UT; Lancaster, PA; Raleigh-Durham, NC respectively. There’s information on aggregate and local newspaper reach available from the NAA here

One of the ad-sales benefits of the Yahoo-newspaper consortium is that newspapers can now claim TV-like reach in their markets from their distribution on Yahoo’s network. 

What would be interesting to see side by side is a comparison of local content sites, IYPs, search-mapping sites to get a more complete picture of the local market.

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  1. Arul Sundaram Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Greg. The newspaper vs. tv split has been important for local ad sales metrics, but we agree with you that getting a fuller understanding of the consumer / usage landscape is critical to truly understand what the local audience is doing. We’re advancing the format of the report every month, so look for further refinements in the next version.

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