The Alert Shopper Part 2: Moms

Picture 1591020 Placecast continues with its fascinating series “The Alert Shopper.” Part of that is empirical research with Harris Interactive, which will be released soon I’m told. But more fun and interesting in a way is the video interview series that the company has done: people “on the street” discussing their shopping behavior.

Part two is about moms (mostly in their 40s) and their attitudes toward sales and email. Basically the “takeaways” from the information on the video are:

  • They don’t really pay attention to commercial email (and are thus not influenced by it accordingly)
  • They mostly don’t online research prior to shopping (the cost of the purchase would be an interesting variable to explore)
  • They’re often unaware of and/or indifferent to sales
  • They have their phones while shopping and use them in various ways (call spouse, use smartphone for research in one case)

This is a limited group of people so be cautious in generalizing, but it’s pretty interesting stuff. The buried inference is that these folks are going to be receptive to mobile marketing while shopping. More on that later.

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