First Look: Early Data from Geodelic

Geodelic, which is behind the T-Mobile Android Sherpa app, gave me an update yesterday on the company’s progress. There were a number of very interesting things that would get me killed if I revealed them, but here’s what I can say . . .

  • The company has seen 150K downloads six weeks (with new users on a daily basis)
  • 70% of those downloading become “users,” defined as having consulted the app at least once and keeping on device.
  • 50%+ of users have used the app in the past week
  • 74% of users have consulted the app on two different days in past month
  • 25% of users have used once in the last week, 30 days after installing (average per Pinch Media is 4%)

So right now the company has (according to my math) something over 50K active users consulting Geodelic’s Sherpa app on the Android platform at least once a week. An iPhone app is coming very soon, which should gain the company quite a few more users.

Top categories in terms of usage:

  1. Quick bites (fast food)
  2. Dining
  3. Bars & nightclubs
  4. Movies & entertainment
  5. Banks
  6. Cafes & coffee
  7. Groceries & Essentials (this is a pretty broad selection of businesses)

Collectively “Food & Entertainment” (including bars) represents 50% of activity on the app. And the top two categories represent 25% of the volume.

Picture 155

One of the more interesting things about the app is that it’s arguably a “search” tool (they use the term discovery) but there’s almost no keyword entry. As you’re using it you don’t think about that, but it’s significant in terms of the design and user experience.

The carousel is also kind of a “fun” feature that helps differentiate the app somewhat. What do others who’ve used it think?


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