ValPak Incorporates Kudzu Ratings

Picture 132ValPak has struck a deal with Cox’s Kudzu:

As consumers search thousands of directory listings for savings offers on the site, they will now also receive star ratings and reviews for local advertisers from . . . advertisers whose listings match up to the listings will have the star rating and review link shown on their results page as well as their profile page.

At the same time, the online offerings give businesses that advertise on a tool to help drive “word of mouth” promotion online. The ratings provide a business solution by enabling businesses to interact with customers, give credentials and respond directly to customers.

Here’s an example from Atlanta, GA:

Picture 134

Picture 133


2 Responses to “ValPak Incorporates Kudzu Ratings”

  1. Arul Sundaram Says:

    I know Cox had put Valpak up for sale last year, but for now this seems like a smart integration for two sister companies

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    That was supposed to be top secret. Yes it’s a good integration

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