AgendiZe Ramps Up for Next Stage

Picture 19AgendiZe is a fascinating company. The list of capabilities and services that AgendiZe offers is long — so long in fact that characterizing or quickly defining the company is difficult. It’s tools extend into social media, video, call tracking/PPCall, chat, analytics, mobile and print. The object of the company’s services is to extend the reach of its customer’s brands and sites but also to deepen “engagement.” Hence the label: “the engagement platform.” The company’s site claims “more than 100 different ways to engage and track consumers.”

It’s a kind of “Swiss Army Knife” of a platform.

For several years I didn’t really “get” AgendiZe until more recently when I actually spoke at some length to CEO Alexandre Rambaud. The company currently works with newspapers, directory publishers and agencies. It also offers tools for SMBs. For example, Yellow Pages Group previously deployed the company’s “Universal Contact Widget” for its advertisers, “giving Canadian SMBs a simple, effective way to gain new leads and promote viral word-of-mouth by enabling their business information to be shared across virtually all popular online services, including Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Gmail, Windows Live, AIM and many more.”

To help broaden the exposure and appeal of the AgendiZe platform and its many capabilities, the company has added directory industry veteran Gary Campbell as VP Performance Based Solutions. It has also added Jean-Pascal Lion as a board member. Lion until his recent retirement was Vice President of Marketing at YPG. Stephance Marceau has now taken over at YPG for Lion but as CMO.

The company has also raised just over a million USD to fund new growth and opened a Montreal office. AgendiZe is based in Paris. Ah, Paris.

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  1. Ben Saren Says:

    Congrats to Agendize, and Alexandre and Georges – they’re a great partner of ours at CitySquares and we really enjoy working with them. Their tools are fantastic, highly recommended.

  2. Meteor Solutions: A Company to Watch « Screenwerk Says:

    […] this activity would be totally invisible to marketers and publishers otherwise. In a different way AgendiZe has the ability to do something similar and is doing that with local directory […]

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