What Were Your Favorite TC50 Locals?

Local statup RedBeacon won the big prize at TechCrunch50 but there were other local startups or startups with some location element there:

  • CitySourced
  • Yext
  • Clixtr
  • Localbacon
  • refmob
  • Mota
  • Theswop

For those that were there or watched the video online . . .  What was your favorite and why?

Or more generally, beyond local, which startup did you think was most promising. From among those I’ve seen (and I haven’t seen all the presentations), for me it’s Clicker.

2 Responses to “What Were Your Favorite TC50 Locals?”

  1. Todd Leiser Says:

    AnyClip – by far
    YourVersion (waiting version 2.0 when/if it is released)

    One to keep an eye on – Yext (claim to be generating $20m already??? Hmmm!!?)

  2. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Kudos to TechCrunch for making the entire event available online, and at no charge. I watched almost all of it. And kudos to all the finalists — several amazing examples of huge progress with very limited time and money.

    I base my opinion on what I would use/pay for.

    I’d use CitySourced (use my iPhone to report potholes, trash, etc.) and hope/pray that my local city did too.

    I’d also consider using CrowdFlower (Mechanical Turk w/ metrics); iTwin (Internet-enabled thumb drive), StorySomething (personalized kids books)

    Not sure I’d use any of the others.

    On the local front, I didn’t get Yext. It wasn’t clear what they did that is new and different (pay-per-call or ???). I commented on RedBeacon earlier. Sounds like ServiceMagic to me.

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