Hitwise: Google Maps Back on Top

The most recent Hitwise US travel category data show Google Maps overtaking MapQuest. The two sites have been trading the number one and two spots according to the metrics firm. However among keyword queries MapQuest has more branded lookups:

Picture 7

Picture 6

Many of of the “generic” maps and directions queries will take people to Google maps.


2 Responses to “Hitwise: Google Maps Back on Top”

  1. Darby Sieben Says:

    Interesting to see that MapQuest is still that strong in the US Market. Looking at ComScore numbers in Canada – MapQuest is losing the battle big time, the latest numbers from July shows Google Maps at 11.7M while MapQuest at 4M – a significant difference that continues to grow in favour of Google month over month. For comparison in July 08 – the numbers where 8.9M to 4.9M respectively.

    In looking at the US Data, it seems that Google Maps overtook MapQuest in Jan 09, 42.3M to 41.5M and the gap is growing there as well. July 09 numbers show 52.8M to 43M respectively.

    To be honest I am surprised at how strong MapQuest remains in the US Market, but clearly the trend is now in their favor.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    There some conflict in the data. Yes, comScore shows Google overtaking MapQuest and continuing to gain and grow some months ago. Hitwise has shown this back and forth pattern.

    The long term trend is clear. By failing to invest in the product over a period of years (until recently) and taking brand strength and usage for granted MapQuest has ceded its leadership position.

    It’s a cautionary tale for any “incumbent.”

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