Placecast Debuts “The Alert Shopper” Series

In an interesting and clever bit of marketing 1020 Placecast has launched a six-part video series of interviews with consumers about their shopping behavior, with a heavy dose of mobile. Here’s how the release characterizes it:

The Alert Shopper is an online series that is located at, featuring both first-person and third-party research in conjunction with Harris Interactive on consumer shopping habits and interest around the use of mobile devices and alerts when shopping.

With all of the hype surrounding emerging mobile content and mobile advertising, Placecast sought out to talk to America’s consumer, face-to-face and captured quite a bit of insightful feedback on what people want and don’t want.

Over the next few months, the Alert Shopper blog will feature unique insights into the mobile usage patterns of today’s American consumers, quantitative survey research from Harris Interactive as well as a broad range of retail shopping trends.

As the blub above says, there will also be data on consumer attitudes and behavior from Harris.

Here’s the first installment:

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