Nielsen: 1H Ad Numbers Off 15%

Here’s Nielsen data on US ad spending in the first half of 2009:

Picture 22

According to the blog post that exposed these figures:

Cable Television ad spending was the only medium to show growth through the first six months of the year (+1.5%). The increase is especially significant since Nielsen reported Cable TV ad spending was down 2.7% through the first quarter this year. Spanish Language Cable TV also saw ad spending tick up 0.6%.

It’s important to note that the Internet figure in the table above is only online display and does not include:

[P]aid search advertising, text only, paid fee services, performance-based campaigns, sponsorships, barters, in-stream (‘pre-rolls’) players, messenger applications, partnership advertising, promotions and email campaigns, compound image/text ad or house advertising activity.

Here are Nielsen’s top product categories by ad spend:

Picture 23

In all but “direct response products” in the table immediately above the overwhelming number of purchases will happen in stores or specific locations, offline. Most of the ad spending however is “brand” spending targeting a national or perhaps regional audience.


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