Yahoo! Neighbors Goes National

Yahoo! Neighbors has been expanded nationwide from its four trial markets: Bay Area, NY Metro, Dallas, Chicago.

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Here’s my original post from November, 2007 when Neighbors first launched in an early trial form. Neighbors is a mix of Yahoo! Answers and Upcoming (to a lesser degree). The danger is that Neighbors becomes a repository for spam. And there will be a bit of a cat and mouse game to keep it from becoming that. Provide it doesn’t get taken over by spam this will be a valuable local resource.

Matt McGee at SEL does a nice job with a features overview. He also discusses the SEO potential of Neighbors.

This is clearly not the first integration of Q&A or “conversations” into local — most recently YPG in Canada launched an Answers product (using Praized) — but it is a relatively high-profile one. To work you’ve got to get lots of participation, which implies lots of scale. Yahoo! Local has fallen considerably from its perch as the best/most visited local site several years ago. But it remains a powerful and visible player in the local segment.

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  1. Jay Ehret Says:

    It looks like this is a great opportunity for spammers to clog up the system. The one entry within 50 miles of my location was a shameless plug for a local business by a nameless person.

  2. MerchantCircle Joins the Q&A Club « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Joins the Q&A Club By Greg Sterling Late last week Yahoo! expanded Neighbors, modeled to some degree on Yahoo! Answers, nationwide. And this morning MerchantCircle this morning […]

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