Aardvark, SP411 & Twitter

Picture 1A reader reminded me that Twitter can be used to access Aardvark as well. I had forgotten that, even after writing a lengthy article about it!

So in one view of the world Aardvark beat Superpages to local search on Twitter. But while Aardvark can be used for local search, it’s also used for a broad range of queries that have nothing to do with local. By contrast SP411 is all about local.

In answer to the question that was posed in the comment to my earlier post, I don’t know how Aardvark is doing via Twitter. Many of the responses to my SP411 post are skeptical about whether users will adopt it.

Just did a movie search “d sp411 movies + Zip”: results came back really fast but were not completely useful because I can’t click through to a theater link or other page showing locations and/or showtimes. But these kinds of things should be remedied in fairly short order.


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  1. NewSunNetworks — Blog — Aardvark, SP411 & Twitter Says:

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  2. Chris McIntosh Says:

    Scoot have also been doing a local search in the UK. @scootmea is a local search which works in the same way as sp411 with links to the business listings on http://www.scoot.co.uk. You can try it by sending an @ message so don’t need to follow them. Only works in for UK businesses so try it by searching for a business in a city or town. Plus @scootmea has been doing this since April.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Chris for the update.

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