TurnHere Hits Video Milestone

Picture 20TurnHere announced that it had produced its 20,000th video. In honor of that the company is running a promotion that gives away free video and other prizes to SMBs throughout September:

Enter for the chance to win a professionally produced custom video profile of your business and $1000. You could be one of 400 to receive a high-quality video that can be used on the Web. Plus four Grand Prize winners will also receive a $1000 gift card.

Every week in September 2009, one winner will be randomly selected to receive a $1000 gift card for Costco, Best Buy, Staples or FedEx Office, winner’s choice. Grand Prize winners will also receive a custom Business Profile Video valued at $599, produced by TurnHere Internet Video.

Metrics firm comScore recently reported “158 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month [of July], the largest audience ever recorded.” YouTube remains the largest video destination online.

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There’s no question that video is helpful for advertisers and SMBs. Eventually it will simply be part of a list of things one must have: website, check; Facebook page, check, video, check . . . and so on.


3 Responses to “TurnHere Hits Video Milestone”

  1. Scott Herbert Says:

    Video is just an additional information media, some people prefer it to the written word, some prefer podcasts, and so if you’ve the budget then it makes sense to use video, however if you don’t have the budget or your audience don’t do video (ummm…. that would be an interesting experiment, is their a demographic that likes one form of media over another?) then don’t.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    yes, i’m sure the demographic date exist. And yes, with limited budgets there should be a hierarchy of media spending for SMBs.

  3. Dick Larkin Says:

    This is impressive no matter how you slice it.

    20,000 professionally produced videos is an amazing feat, and I applaud the team at TurnHere for their success.

    The secret to the online video is a combination of production and distribution.

    My friend Mike Koenigs produced a video that walked through my personal favorite distribution tool as far as lead generation, syndication, and list building. http://ypcommando.com/tg.html

    We used it to publish several thousand videos rather successfully, but certainly not to the 20,000 level of TH.

    Bravo, amigos!

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