TV vs. NP Smackdown: IB Local Index

Internet Broadcasting has come out with a June update to its “IB Local Index,” which focuses on the reach and popularity of TV and newspaper sites. Here’s what the company says regarding the leading sites in the top 50 US markets:

  • Newspaper sites dominate in the top markets. In each of the top 10 markets, a newspaper site garnered the most local visits.  Newspaper sites were #1 in 31 of the top 50 markets, overall.
  • Wide range in the margin between winners and runner ups. Top sites had, on average, more than twice as many local visits than the nearest competitor.  This margin between #1 and #2 sites ranged from as little as a 2% difference, to as much as a 20x gap.

Here’s the company’s table regarding the top “local media” sites in each of these markets:

Picture 63

If you want to see the full list go to the IB blog.

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