ServiceMagic iPhone App a Great Start

Picture 62It’s a rare case when a mobile app improves upon a PC experience but in my view ServiceMagic has done just that. The home improvement site and marketing platform for contractors and other service businesses just launched an iPhone app this week.

At the center of the new app are images of home improvement projects and design jobs, drawn from the site but which are generally buried on the PC. Users can also upload images directly from their phones . . .

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3 Responses to “ServiceMagic iPhone App a Great Start”

  1. Josh Scott Says:

    Thanks, Greg for the very helpful feedback on v1 of the new ServiceMagic iPhone application. The application is available here:

    We would very much welcome feedback / suggestions from Screenwerk / LMS readers – try out the app and send us an email with your thoughts: iphone [at] servicemagic [dot] com

  2. Bill Cox Says:

    Nice- GREAT JOB!! When will teh AMAZING ServiceMagic have an app for their contractors to use?

  3. Bryan Says:

    Looks like a good app that will find lots of use! If anyones interested the is a good book out for contractors called “The Contractor Image”

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