Spotzer Gets Nod for Video from YPG

Picture 6Spotzer has become Yellow Pages Group’s video platform/provider of choice according to a press release out yesterday:

Under the agreement, Spotzer will film and produce live onsite shoot videos of YPG customers for YPG’s industry-leading website, Spotzer, which maintains a network of videographers across Canada, will shoot and produce the videos at YPG customer locations.

Spotzer started as a kind of explicit imitation of SpotRunner for Europe but has evolved and now appears to be thriving with the capacity to produce custom video as well as offer pre-produced video, which was its original model.


6 Responses to “Spotzer Gets Nod for Video from YPG”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    Misread this as “Spitzer Gets Nod for Video from YPG” nothing against Spotzer but that would have been a great article.

  2. Francois Gand Says:

    Your information is incorrect Greg. ADVIDEO ( and Spotzer are the two official video platform providers for the Yellow Pages Group, ADVIDEO being the only Canadian company serving nationally the Yellow Pages Group in Canada.

  3. troy Says:

    Spotzer is a well known company and I think YPG is using the other company just to appease the Canadian government that they are using local companies as well.

  4. Francois Gand Says:

    The Yellow Pages Group selects its official partners with upmost professionalism and thoroughness and your comment about the Canadian Government — with all due respect — is completely irrelevant. This is Francois Gand, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADVIDEO, that other company you are referring to, and yes, although we are headquartered in Ontario, Canada, make no mistake… ADVIDEO is a global firm with over 5,000 professional videographers and many local dedicated teams worldwide. Besides serving the needs of the Yellow Pages Group, Quebecor, Transcontinental and many other leading publishers in Canada, ADVIDEO is not only one of the top firms in this Industry producing thousands of online video commercials every year but is also the first and the largest global franchisor of its kind. Furthermore and for your information, our customers use our online video advertising production services throughout North America, Europe and Australia without any kind of governmental input or requirement whatsoever. Troy, if you are in the United States, you can reach ADVIDEO USA LLC., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, at 1.800.834.8348 ext.210 or if you are anywhere else, why don’t you give me a call directly at 1.800.834.8348 ext.111 and it will be our pleasure to assist but more importantly inform you accordingly. Cheers. FG.

  5. troy Says:

    I find your address on

    but when I look it up on Google maps, it shows a house in a residential neighborhood.

    World Headquarters
    77 Porter Court
    Guelph, Ontario

  6. Francois Gand Says:

    Since you do not have the etiquette to properly indicate who you are exactly Troy, I certainly do not have to respond to your inquiry yet I will have no problem indicating that you actually have found the address of the original place of our legal records for the corporation. Our Operational Headquarters is actually located right in Downtown Kitchener, Ontario, in a building of several hundreds of thousands of square footage. If you are in the area, feel free to contact me and I will be delighted to give you a tour.


    François Gand
    B.S.B.A., I.C.S.E., M.C.P.
    ADVIDEO – Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

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