EveryBlock Bought by MSNBC

Picture 11From the EveryBlock blog:

After considering a number of options (some wildly different from others), we decided that working with MSNBC.com was the best fit for our site and our team . . .

[I]t means that we’ll have resources to expand EveryBlock profoundly. MSNBC.com is the most-visited news Web site in the U.S. and is in solid financial shape in a time when news organizations around the world are struggling. We’re excited about the possibilities of pointing a massive audience at EveryBlock and having the resources to beef up our technological infrastructure and staff.

The site was a recipient of a $2 million Knight Foundation grant, so there are no investors to pay back.

According to the blog post EveryBlock will maintain its current site but we’ll probably see data rendered in various ways on the MSNBC site, in association with a range of story types. There may even be a mini-EveryBlock within MSNBC. I wonder also to what extent EveryBlock’s content will make its way into NBC’s “hyper-local” affiliate sites.

How much do you think the site sold for: $2 million, $3.5 million, $5 million . . . or more?

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