Google TV, YouTube and Geo

Picture 124This is a collection of tidbits from Steve Stukenborg’s Local Search Summit keynote. He’s Google TV Product Manager

Various sources on the data:

  • TV ads platform now in use for YouTube as well
  • 40% surfing Web while watching TV. TV top offline influence on search behavior.
  • TV getting very fragmented, like Web: 120 channels on average. Google like fragmentation because it can target and aggregate audiences
  • Millions of set-top boxes via partnership with Dish Network. There are partnerships with other national networks (though not other cable cos beyond local provider Astound). Ads can appear on TV next day
  • Google pushing for model that charges advertisers based on how many actually watched the commercial, rather than audience for the show itself
  • 1988 DVR penetration was 0% today its 22%
  • Google TV seeking to build “network” from “long tail” of smaller networks and audiences
  • National brands using Google TV to drive people to local stores/local providers
  • He discusses the various ways that small advertisers can get ads made: marketplace, SpotMixer
  • Does audience targeting via data from Equifax and Nielsen. That data is matched to set-top box IDs, though not personally identifiable information.
  • Nice discussion of analytics and how TV analytics can be overlaid on Web analytics to show whether TV is driving search volume and traffic to site.

Case study (ooVoo)

How did TV ads campaign affect site traffic and search volumes? TV ads drove 500% increase in traffic and searches increased by 269% during campaign.

Stukenborg says there was a “residual effect” — continuing traffic and brand lift after conclusion of campaign

Case study (ShoppersChoice)

People coming in through TV URL were “twice as likely to convert.”

Case Study (Realty Executives)

“Traffic to their site increased exponentially.” Their objective was to build awareness/traffic for local affiliates.

Stukenborg acknowledged that traditional SMBs aren’t using the program and most of the advertising is national right now.  I asked him whether any of the YP publishers or third parties developing video on behalf of of SMBs were using TV ads to gain TV and/or YouTube distribution. He said there has been internal discussion about that but “no.”

More to discuss here, but I’m in the middle of another conference session.

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