Google LBC Dashboard ‘Is Borderline Useless’

Picture 104So says Matt McGee who uses his wife’s real estate practice as a real world example:

Google shows impressions (how many times your listing appeared in Google or Google Maps search results) and actions (how many times they clicked for more info or clicked to your web site). Those are all fine and good, but they offer no context without strong keyword data — they offer nothing by themselves that you can act on. But Google is falling down on the keyword data, so it all becomes data for data’s sake. What good is marketing data if you can’t act on it? . . .

[N]ot only do I not know what cityname is being searched with “real estate” when Cari’s listing shows, but I’m also seeing all citynames combined into one line on the chart. So, that #5 result above, “real estate” is combination of “Kennewick real estate” and “Pasco real estate” and “Richland real estate” and any other possible combination?

Again, I ask: How is this useful?

Read his full post here.  How do others that are actually using it feel?


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  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    I see Impressions, Actions, and Impressions by Query.

    102 impressions
    How many times users saw your business listing as a local search result

    15 actions
    How many times users showed interest in your business listing
    13 Clicks for more info on Maps
    0 Clicks for driving directions
    2 Clicks to your website

    Top search queries
    Query Impressions
    1. home staging 40
    2. staging 17
    3. home stagers 8
    4. carol lewis 5
    5. carol lewis home staging 5
    6. carol 4
    7. decorating 4
    8. real estate home 2
    9. real estate staging 2
    10. home staging, 1
    Other 14

  2. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Ok, I guess he’s saying he wants more.

  3. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    So I did a search for “home staging” (#1 query above) and I see my wife’s business in the 10-pack after 3 web results. The 10-pack is headed “Local business results for home staging near Bellevue, WA” so I know what the implicit/assumed geo-modifier is.

  4. earlpearl Says:

    I basically agree with Matt and wrote something to that effect on Mike B’s blog when the dashboard first came out.

    The data it provides is far inferior to tighter analytics provided by any competent analytics firm. With regard to Matt’s wife, obviously there would be far more insights provided if the various town names were provided. I’m sure he picks that up with analytics though.

    I suppose if a business person is unschooled with regard to analytics and the power it can provide this information can be somewhat useful.

    BUT…there is a large caveat. Assuming the site owner is relatively unaware of analytics and of what is necessary for strong rankings in Maps, the owner might also be unschooled with regard to categories.

    The category situation is dicey. With so many data providers providing categories to Google and some of them being less than rigorous, businesses can be connected to the wierdest categories.

    If one wanted to take action on information of that ilk, with very strange and inappropriate categories….who knows how business decision makers might act.

  5. Henry Says:

    Can anyone tell me why on October 8th my Impressions and Actions went to 0 but my Google analytics are right. I am very frustrated,.

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