Yahoo!: Coupons Are Cool

Thanks to ValPak’s Todd Leiser for pointing me to Yahoo! research on consumer interest in coupons. It’s consistent with everything else we’ve seen in the market showing coupon use is up and consumers are less inhibited about using them.

Here’s the Yahoo! press release and the numbers:

  • 43% of [survey] participants said they are using coupons more since last year. Easier access to coupons would motivate them to use coupons more often, a sentiment stated by 76% of women.
  • The majority feel that there are not currently enough coupons for things they want to buy and nearly half actually think coupon hunting is a chore. Less than a fifth of consumers have a “go-to” online site and almost 80% think the process of finding coupons is difficult.
  • 59% stated that “they feel great when buying things with coupons.” Bargain hunting can also become a badge of honor with 29% wanting to be known as the coupon king or queen.
  • The survey results confirm that men are more inhibited about using coupons.

Yahoo! also says:

Web searches for “printable coupons” on Yahoo! are up 50 percent in 2009, compared to the same time in 2008, and up 135 percent compared to 2007. Furthermore, the most popular coupon-related Web searches in the past month have been for pizza restaurants, major retailers and grocery coupons.

The popularity of coupons, etc. is not news. But the key finding in these results is: “Less than a fifth of consumers have a ‘go-to’ online site . . .”

This confirms what I’ve said in the past:

  • Consumers want a coupon destination
  • There must be sufficient inventory to make that destination meaningful
  • There’s no “brand” in the space and it’s still up for grabs.

Beyond traditional stalwarts like ValPak, destination sites ReaitMeNot and are coming on strong.


3 Responses to “Yahoo!: Coupons Are Cool”

  1. LuVogt Says:

    Hey Greg, somehow you missed the context for Yahoo here…yesterday they announced their new Deals site

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    I know they did. (Actually a version of the site has been up for some time.) Just didn’t need to discuss.

  3. Stella Says:

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