NearbyNow Rolls Out New iPhone Apps

Picture 9On the success of its Lucky Magazine app, NearbyNow has built iPhone apps for Seventeen Magazine and Runners World (with others to come) that allow users to review apparel and purchase locally, using NearbyNow’s inventory monitoring and verification. According to the press release:

Seventeen Fashion Finder will feature a variety of fashion and accessories that are teens’ fall must-haves. The application allows teen girls to search by product: jeans, tops, bags and shoes; by trend: rocker, bo-ho, classic and girly or by price point. The application then checks availability and reserves any of the products in stores nearby. Seventeen Fashion Finder is the first mobile application targeted at the teen market that allows users to locate and reserve products in their local area.

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3 Responses to “NearbyNow Rolls Out New iPhone Apps”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Nearbynow is the second fashion and art mag on iTune. iWound is another fashion mag which have huge collection of fashion and art but iWound consists of music and video as well.

  2. iPhone Price Finder Says:

    Hmmm… This app is so gonna encourage much more spending from the teens. I just hope they don’t rip off their parents’ credit cards…

  3. Anne Says:

    The apps is not only for teens but there is something for everyone. It gives insights on the latest fashion trends. Also, it can check if the item is available or not at the store so that saves time…

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