Google Sells Radio Assets, Buys Video Firm

Picture 17Google has reportedly found a buyer for its radio assets. The Radio Ads program, built around the dMarc acqusition, was formally shuttered in February. According to the article:

WideOrbit Inc., a privately held company that makes software for the broadcast TV and radio industries, said Wednesday it has agreed to buy Google’s technology for automating radio ad placement. The San Francisco-based company did not disclose financial details. It will inherit 3,600 customers and an undisclosed number of employees.

One imagines WideOrbit is getting something of a deal.

Earlier this week TargetSpot,”the nation’s largest Internet radio advertising network,” announced that Eyal Goldwerger was taking over as CEO. The company says:

TargetSpot has grown to . . . more than 15.3 million unique listeners per month through distribution partners such as CBS RADIO, FOX News, Yahoo! LAUNCHcast and AOL Radio.

Also earlier in the week Pandora announced a sales deal with Clear Channel. So perhaps Google exited the Radio Ads business a bit too early. What do you think?

Separately Google announced acquisition of On2 Technologies, a company that does video compression. Essentially this will help support video on YouTube and the Internet more broadly (potentially also in mobile).


3 Responses to “Google Sells Radio Assets, Buys Video Firm”

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  2. Jennifer Lane Says:

    Google exited the over the air radio business by selling off the dmarc platform. They have not exited the online radio ad space, which is where Targetspot and Katz and Pandora play.

    • Greg Sterling Says:

      It’s not clear to me that by selling the dMarc platform they have not simultaneously gotten out of audio advertising online and in mobile. Platforms that would allow them to “get back in” or continue are going to be available so what you say may effectively be correct.

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