Geotargeted NY Times Ad Made Me Click

I was on the NY Times site reading a bunch of articles and I clicked back to the home page at one point. On the right in the middle of the page is a tile ad. The ad registered almost subliminally.

I wasn’t paying attention and then I saw the question: “Looking for the finest Journalism in San Francisco?” (I’m surely being IP Targeted because I’m not in SF right now but in the larger DMA.) Almost without thinking I clicked on the ad:

Picture 28

Picture 29

The use of Alice Waters’ image, but more importantly, the local copy on the ad motivated me to learn more. I who am so jaded and otherwise impervious to such things clicked on the ad because of the local content/mention.

See, it really works.


Another one from United on the CNN site:

Picture 23

Picture 24


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