Wiki Directory BizWiki Launches in US

BizWiki formally launched on last week. It’s an international wiki-based directory site, like Brownbook. According to the release:

Bizwiki was built by industry-veterans with years of business directory and meta-search experience behind them, including Keith Hinde, Matt Aird, Craig Sefton and Arthur Jenkins, who between them have helped develop directory and search products for Infospace, local directory publisher Thomson Directories, TradePage and Webcrawler.

The fact that it involves people experienced in local and the directories business is the only thing that suggests there’s any chance to gain visibility and usage. Regardless success with a directory wiki (unless acquired) is a relatively long-term play.

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Yellowikis was the original effort to use a wiki to develop a directory site in 2004. Since that time the major search engines have allowed users to add or edit listings on their local sites.

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  1. Matt Aird Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the mention. Good assessment; the local business space is crowded online, and usage is vital to a service like as it requires a critical mass of users. The main reason we expect to do well and actually gain visibility and users is because we have done it before. Between us, our team has worked on about ten local directory products and search vortals, and the companies listed on’s older (but littler) sister have an audience of several million unique visitors per month.

    Free services still have to excel to prove their worth. We plan to do so by making a detailed and trusted resource, and by gaining enough users to make it worthwhile for people to add and edit the information about businesses on the site. We plan to build it to the point where small businesses will be driven to add and update their information in order to gain access to free traffic from the site.

    That’s not to underestimate the challenges ahead, or downplay the fact that what we have built is the shell the site needs to grow into, but if all goes according to plan you should expect to hear more about in future.

    All the best,

    Matt Aird

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