MySpace Starting to Push Local?

I haven’t seen much from MySpace local since it launched earlier this year. However I just got the following email this morning:

Picture 7

It clicks through to this page, which (in a very un-MySpace way) doesn’t require registration to view:

Picture 8

I think MySpace does have an opportunity here both on the consumer side and with advertisers (large and small). A relatively bland or perfunctory treatment of local, which is what they launched with, won’t cut it.

After poking around a little bit this morning, I’d say the site merits a “B” but there’s a great deal more work to be done if MySpace wants to develop local as a strategic asset.

3 Responses to “MySpace Starting to Push Local?”

  1. NewSunNetworks — Blog — MySpace Starting to Push Local? Says:

    […] posted here: MySpace Starting to Push Local?  SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "MySpace Starting to Push Local?", url: […]

  2. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    I got a similar email. I don’t know their demographics but based on my informal poll of nieces/nephews, myspace is for the younger kids who are less likely to care about local search. Fb has an opp, but so far doesn’t seem to have done much…

  3. Peter Warnock Says:

    I see MySpace as a site to connect music performers with fans. I like Yelp for local reviews. I can’t see investing time in the community at MySpace, it doesn’t feel authentic. Perhaps because they’re not the first mover?

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