Advertisers Relying Less on Traditional Media

A Harris-LinkedIn survey (.pdf) of just over 1,000 US advertising “decision makers” released last week found that advertisers were migrating away from print and other traditional media — no surprise there — and adding more digital media to the mix.

The top-level findings:

  • 92% [of advertisers] are typically incorporating Internet advertising into their media campaigns
  • 88% say they are incorporating print advertising
  • 46% use radio advertising
  • 46% use television advertising
  • 39% say they’re using “digital advertising, such as through cell phones”

Today vs. a year ago:

Picture 12

The chart above reflects that advertisers are using traditional media less often than a year ago. In addition, just over half (54%) of advertisers report that they use the Internet as part of a larger “integrated campaign with other media.”

Intentions behind use of online advertising:

Picture 13

Note the line “to drive information gathering for an offline transaction” as the chief use (65%) after “branding.” This is quite significant in my view and indicates that marketers do “get” how consumers use the Internet as a research tool before buying locally.

Consumer unhappiness with online ad units:

A parallel survey conducted by Harris asked consumers about their likes and dislikes re Internet ads (n=2,025 US adults):

Picture 14

Consumers tend to express more frustrations and dislike about digital advertising than traditional advertising. They also tend to trust digital advertising less than they trust traditional media ads.

A final note: the relatively large number of advertisers that say they’re using mobile advertising — “digital advertising, such as through cell phones” — causes me to question the survey results to some degree. Clearly more advertisers are moving budget to digital media and relying on traditional less, but the 39% who said they’re using mobile advertising is too high in my view to be extrapolated.


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  1. Jason Wietholter Says:

    This is no surprise to me. The upside for digital advertising is huge. It’s efficient and scales well to any audience.

    We utilize it all the time at Opveon.

  2. Anu Says:

    As online advertising becomes easier and relevant, all comapnies-both big and small- will eventually have to embrace it. An upcoming trend within online advertising seems to be the growth explosion in Mobile Ad arena. The US will surely record higher monetization from this, but Western Europe is expected to lead in this area. For details pease visit Thanks.

  3. Stream o’ consciousness for July 28th | Mike Orren Says:

    […] Shared Advertisers Relying Less on Traditional Media […]

  4. Devin Davis Says:

    Go where your audience is…

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