Google Announces 2009 Mtkg Challenge Winners

Picture 3Google has announced the winners of its 2009 Marketing Challenge. The overall winning campaign was from a team in Austrialia on behalf of Little TiGrrs Indoor Play Centre & Cafe.

This competition is all about business students helping small business (SMBs) use Google/AdWords as a marketing tool. It’s party intended to raise the profile of Google AdWords among SMBs and party about exposing the students to Google as a marketing platform. What’s missing is the big PR push that comes at the end — at least I haven’t seen it. And we can’t see the ads/campaigns, which would also be helpful and interesting.

Here are the semi-finalists were from around the world:

Picture 2

Four out of the 11 semi-finalists are from the US and three of those from the same team and Penn State:

Picture 5


Related: Google now allows busineses to add addresses (dynamically) to AdWords copy. In other words, instead of just the city at the bottom of AdWords copy you can now have a specific address. Here’s an example from Barry Schwartz at SEL:

Picture 4


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