Google Maps: Drag and Search

Google Maps just added a feature that MapQuest has had for some time: search along a route. As you drag the map, it populates with business locations based on the query:

Picture 25

This is on top of the ability to display multiple search results at the same time:

Picture 27

Picture 26

These multiple layers or results are preseved as you drag the map as well. Google is also adding layers to mobile maps.

4 Responses to “Google Maps: Drag and Search”

  1. Barry Hunter Says:

    Not sure I understand your first bit, showing lots of results as you move around has been implemented for a while

    The ability to display multiple ‘maps’ at once has been made much easier which is what makes it most useful – see the results at the same time as the directions route.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Until the past couple weeks, don’t remember being able to move map and having it populate with results based on the existing query/queries.

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