Yahoo!: We Now Have 13K Local Sales Reps.

Picture 31Today, coinciding with the release of Q2 earnings, Yahoo! announced an expanded local ad sales relationship with AT&T. From the release:

Yahoo! today announced an agreement, under which AT&T’s advertising sales force of more than 5,000 will sell Yahoo! display inventory to local businesses across the United States. The collaboration adds Yahoo!’s display inventory to AT&T Interactive’s robust local online advertising portfolio, and takes advantage of Yahoo!’s audience reach and targeting technologies.

On the earnings call Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz said that with AT&T and the newspaper consortium, Yahoo! now has 13,000 sales reps in the local market selling advertising on Yahoo!.

She added that Yahoo! is making local a bigger priority as the company tries to help SMBs move online and capture more ad dollars “in this fast growing segment.” Here’s the verbatim quote from Bartz:

We also know that local relevance of both content and advertising is increasingly important to our users and capturing more of the local ad market is a big focus to us. To this end, we have announced today that we have expanded our relationship with AT&T to include the reselling of Yahoo! display ad inventory by AT&T’s advertising sales force. Grouped with our strategic newspaper consortium partnership we now have a local sales force 13,000 reps strong. These relationships extend our reach into the fast growing local online advertiser segment.


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  2. john spatafora Says:


    I beleive I spoke to you earlier about this. In a nutshell, the concept is sound, the implementation is the challenge. Big question is, is this an exclusive? What about Yellowbook whom sells PPC on behalf of Yahoo and Google? Thier program is knkown as Web Reach. Also, does Google step up and pick a YP partner?
    BTW, ATT has a quasi Web Reach simialr program with Google and Yahoo call YP Connects.
    Money to be made to consult and direct this arrangement!!!
    Appreciate if you keep me in loop

  3. Tim Cohn Says:

    One rep for every 11,853 audience members @Yahoo alone or one rep for every 1,923 “businesses” in the US?

  4. David Mihm Says:

    And yet they’ve neglected Local for so long…I wonder if this means they are going to beef up Yahoo Local or if they’re going to decide to outsource a lot of that to AT&T as well…?

  5. Greg Sterling Says:


    I think they’ll do very little on the product side for consumers. The emphasis was on ad revenues. But the two are obviously connected.

  6. Greg Sterling Says:


    Google has a bunch of reseller partners selling SEM but not display. This deal as I understand it is about display ads on yahoo.

    Yahoo will manage multiple local inventory sources, NP, YP others. It shouldn’t be a problem for the company.

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  10. Colleen Goldberg Says:

    Hi Greg,
    Does Yahoo hire Sales Reps to work from home? I have been selling
    big screen, preshow, theatre ads for 8+ years and have always worked from my home office in Scottsdale, AZ.

    My Company is in the process of many changes and I am considering
    a change. I’d like to be considered by Yahoo if, in fact, you allow Sales
    Reps to work from their homes.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.
    Colleen Goldberg 480.367.9784

  11. Greg Sterling Says:

    This is really a refernce to yahoo’s partners. You might look at a company such as live person but there are many others too with a work at home sales force.

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