Superpages Promotes Vertical Vehicle Site

Speaking of yellow pages and video, I was just notified that this release went out this a.m.:

Idearc Media LLC, home to and publisher of the Verizon Yellow Pages, today announced that its Internet site has launched one million vehicle videos on its free automobile listing site. The videos are provided to each listing for free, and by year end, will launch videos to the remaining listings creating the only all-video vehicle listing site in the nation.

I was totally unaware that Idearc had acquired EveryCarListed in February of this year:

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

We will see YP publishers push into key verticals increasingly over the next couple years. It also offers ad inventory for national and non-traditional YP advertisers.

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  1. john spatafora Says:

    any info relitive to IYP/YP is invaluble to me. I use to work for Yellowbook as a reseller of PPC to Google and Yahoo, product called Web Reach. Also taught and sold Yellowbook’s IYP. Now I am w/ATT and am running into same issue w/Yellowbook. Trying to get print decision makers to understand the imporatnce of keeping up with SEM, SEO, Social Media etc. Fortunatatly w/Yellowbook I had a internet savvy manager who came from the outside.
    I appreciate any help or advice you may half

    Also my spelling sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    John Spatafora
    860 662 1812

  2. Denver Dude Says:

    Looking for yellowbook database if one exists

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