Pennysaver’s Viral Campaign Boosts Print

Pennysaver, the print classifieds and coupons publisher, produced a parody of the MC Hammer “U can’t touch this” video (“Savertime“) to promote itself. It hopes the video will go viral and it’s also part of a contest the company is doing.

In addition Pennysaver is using Twitter and Facebook — and using Twitter to build its Facebook fans:

Picture 52

You may find the video corny, but I think it’s pretty effective and will go viral for the company. Some people will clearly like it if not everyone does.

Pennysaver has a site but is largely a traditional media/ads publisher. These viral/social media efforts are creative and, to some degree, help “sexify” the print publication and invigorate/reinvigorate the brand as a whole.


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  1. earlpearl Says:

    We occaisionally use penny saver for some businesses. It is mildly effective. Our experience is that often print publications of this ilk often attract consumers who don’t or have limited access to the web.

    When pennysaver makes an effort to expand its coverage on the web through efforts like the above, it has the ability to reach out to individuals and businesses that have often forgotten it, or passed it by for web only marketing efforts.

    This stuff still works. Its not the end all and be all, but it still works.

    What I find amazing is that in the world of print media…it has no content, no writers, editors etc. Its gotta make money even as the community newspapers are hurting.

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