Never Trust ‘The Cloud’?

Picture 26First the Twitter docs controversy: A hacker sent hundreds of allegedly authentic internal Twitter docs to TechCrunch. There was much sensitive information in there. Some of it TechCrunch is going to expose, some of it the site has chosen not to.

Beyond the ethical questions surrounding TechCrunch’s potential disclosure of the docs, there is the issue of the security of the cloud. Apparently the docs were downloaded from Google Apps.

What it shows is that cloud security is not ready for prime time.


3 Responses to “Never Trust ‘The Cloud’?”

  1. Dan Says:

    This is one of the big concerns with potentially putting medical records in the cloud.

  2. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Why is this a “cloud” problem? Isn’t the problem lax security, eg server password = “password” in Twitter’s case? Hackers have been breaking into sensitive info systems long before “cloud computing” arrived on the scene.

  3. marcelo antelo Says:

    I agree with Malcolm, it’s not a cloud failure! But was a Google Docs account… huumm looks more that someone didnt configured some permissions correctly!

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