Oodle Integrates Twitter Distribution (and Search)

Picture 32Oodle has integrated Twitter distribution into its network. According to the Oodle Blog:

Now you can post your listing on Oodle and automatically share it with friends on Twitter (as well as your friends on Facebook and MySpace). Listings are tweeted into your Twitter stream where your followers see it immediately.

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Users can also follow or search for Oodle listings on Twitter.

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I spoke with Oodle CEO Craig Donato yesterday briefly. He told me the Facebook integration was going well and that traffic was growing. He said Oodle’s social media integrations, including Twitter, are about trying to “enable conversations” around listings. Donato means lots of things by that, including sharing, investigation of listings and those associated with them, among other things.

Oodle has built a pretty massive network of publishers and “powered by” sites including Wal-Mart, Facebook, MySpace, AOL and many others.

Others are using Twitter as a distribution vehicle or traffic driver as well, including MerchantCircle (for coupons and deals), Scoot in the UK and a range of others. Soon it will be mandatory to have some kind of “Twitter strategy.”


But wait there’s more: Oodle’s success will likely not hurt Craigslist. I characterized the Oodle-Facebook integration as the first bona fide Craigslist challenger. But CL is the 18th most popular site on the US Internet with somewhere around 40 million uniques. It now appears to be the “Google of classifieds” in the sense that its market position seems unassailable.


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