Google Hosting SF ‘Celebration’ for SMBs

Picture 30Matt McGee posts at SEL about an event Google organized for SMBs in San Francisco to introduce them to the local business center and AdWords.  I’m guessing it’s a trial for other, similar events around the country. It’s being held next week, on July 15.

The copy for the announcement reads:

Google will host San Francisco business owners at City Hall for an afternoon of celebration and educational opportunity . . .

Google employees will be on hand to help you learn how to make the most of Google’s free business solutions and AdWords online advertising program, and we’ll distribute coupons for free AdWords advertising.

Google has tried many such SMB instructional events, from Google U (back in 2002) to ongoing “success seminars” (AdWords training sessions) still going on at various locations. These, and other efforts, such as the Google Online Marketing Challenge, are part of Google’s outreach to the SMB market.

Matt then goes on in the rest of his post to discuss complaints from existing SMB customers and advertisers about Google’s uneven customer service. His headline is Google Pitches New Small Business Customers, Ignores Existing Ones.


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